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Construction Photo Documentation


ArchLenz's "as-built" photo documentation services capture the progressions and critical milestones of your construction project and make them available to your project team 24/7 during construction. Shooting weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, ArchLenz will upload images of your project and index them to your architectural drawings by location and date. ArchLenz offers a range of services including:

Monthly Photographic  Services

Exterior Progressions  

Documents exterior wall assembly at predetermined locations and at intervals that track and record the status of the work. Progressions are typically taken monthly or more frequently over the course of construction.

Interior Progressions  

Documents walls and ceilings including broad overlapping views of each unit and common space shortly after walls have been framed. Progressions of each wall and ceiling are taken weekly, bi-weekly or monthly to document activities and continue through to the completion of the project.

One-Time Photographic Services

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